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Faculty Member Services

Technical Onboarding – Introduction and Orientation

HMC offers a friendly introduction to the technical landscape of the university. This optional consultation introduces faculty members to the services and systems that are routinely used in the course of an academic session.

Technical Contact: Katrina Espanol-Miller (kem ‘at’

Desktop Computing – Computing/Technical Support

HMC can assist with the selection and procurement of technology and provide support for configuring the technology once it arrives. We also support existing technologies whether it’s a PC/Mac, tablet, laptop or mobile device.

Technical Contact: Michael Lumsden (lumsden ‘at’

Learning Technologies – Support and Development

HMC provides extensive support for learning technologies. This includes Learning Management Systems (LMS), classroom feedback technologies and many other digital tools that can be used to support your particular pedagogical style. Additionally, HMC can assist with the development of various forms of online instruction (hybrid, flipped classroom or fully online).

Technical Contact: Katrina Espanol-Miller (kem ‘at’

Research Support and Consultation

HMC assists with the development of research initiatives and grant proposals (Tri-Council/CFI). We have decades of collective experience in supporting research and are available to assist with all phases of the process. This includes identifying and sourcing appropriate technologies, gathering quotes and sourcing vendors, generating and launching a web presence (including social media and digital assets), identifying and liaising with other campus units (eg. High Performance Computing, UTS) and certain forms of low to medium-resource web hosting.

Consultation Contact: John Bell (belljm ‘at’

Computer Labs (Research) – Design, Administration and Support

HMC can assist with the design, set-up and administration of computer labs and provide for the ongoing administration of the facility once it comes online.

Design Contact: John Bell (belljm ‘at’
Technical Contact: Michael Pikolon (pikolon ‘at’

Computer Lab Administration – Open Access/Instructional

HMC administers the following labs on the 2nd floor of Togo Salmon Hall:

TSH 206 – Instructional Lab (Booking available here)
TSH 209 – Open Access Lab (PC/Mac)
TSH 202b – Multimedia Wing (Multimedia Program Students/Instructors Only)

Humanities instructors may wish to contact us if specialized software is required for their academic programming.

Technical Contact: Michael Pikolon (pikolon ‘at’
Academic Programming Contact: John Bell (belljm ‘at’

Digital Media and Communications – Support and Development

In addition to managing the faculty CMS, HMC makes use of digital communication technologies and social media to actively promote faculty events. Additionally, higher-profile events are often recorded for video production and web distribution.

Consultation: John Bell (belljm ‘at’
Communications Contact: Colin Czerneda (czernecg ‘at’

Secure and Environmentally – Responsible Technology Disposal

HMC can assist with the disposal of old computing and technology devices. This includes an assessment of the technology to determine if it needs a ‘data wipe’ prior to disposal. HMC uses the latest low-level technologies and processes to ensure that data is removed and completely unrecoverable before sending the technology off to be properly processed as e-waste.

Technical Contact: Michael Lumsden (lumsden ‘at’