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HMC administers a group of facilities on behalf of the Faculty of Humanities including the Open Access lab (TSH 209), the Active Learning Classroom (TSH 206), the Audio Lab (TSH 208) and the Multimedia Wing (TSH 202b). We also assist with supporting the two Multimedia Classrooms – TSH 201 and TSH 203.

These facilities serve various purposes and some can be booked for academic use. Please reference a description for each facility (and booking procedure where applicable) presented by room number:

TSH 201/TSH 203 – The Multimedia Classrooms

The Multimedia Classrooms are specifically outfitted for instruction that requires High Definition projection and/or high quality audio. Use of these classrooms is assigned by the Office of the Registrar with supplementary booking available via the HMC Service Desk in TSH 205a.

TSH 201 classroom image


TSH 202b – The Anne & Neil MacArthur Humanities Multimedia Wing

The Multimedia Wing is a computing lab designed and administered for the Multimedia Program and is accessible by Multimedia Program students only. The facility features approximately 50 high-end Apple computers, projectors and audio/visual peripherals.

Image of the TSH 202b computer lab


TSH 206 – Active Learning Classroom

The Active Learning Classroom features high-end projection and multiple displays as well as a sophisticated video switching system to allow for any image to be broadcast to any display. The room features 23 PC-based workstations (22 + instructor machine). The room is assigned for academic use by the Office of the Registrar with supplementary booking available via the HMC Service Desk in TSH 205a.

TSH 206 active learning classroom photo


TSH 208 – Audio Lab

The Audio Lab is a space dedicated to the study of audio production, critique and recording (sound-proof booth). The room is used almost exclusively by the Multimedia Program and is administered for academic use by Dr. David Ogborn.

TSH 208 audio recording studio image


Equipment Reservation and Borrowing

HMC manages a sizable inventory of audio/visual equipment for the academic use of Multimedia Program students. Equipment can be reserved online and then picked up from the HMC Service Desk in TSH 205a. Students must be enrolled in a Multimedia course for which equipment has been designed as required by their instructor(s). A valid and active MacID is required for both reservation and pick-up.

* Students must read the Terms and Conditions carefully before reserving equipment.

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