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About Us

Humanities Media and Computing has been providing computing and technology support to the Faculty of Humanities at McMaster University for almost 30 years. We thrive on change, service excellence and resolving technological challenges.

Mission Statement

The mission of Humanities Media and Computing is to support the appropriate use of technology in instruction, research, and administration within the Faculty of Humanities.

More specifically our mission is:

  • to provide support for and management of relevant administrative, research and instructional computing within the Faculty of Humanities,
  • to introduce and encourage new initiatives for instructional and research computing,
  • to represent the Faculty of Humanities on various Faculty, University and external committees relevant to computing, the Digital Humanities and new technology, as well as to provide for and/or administer the web presence of the Faculty of Humanities,
  • to act as a conduit for introducing and implementing University-wide computing and technology plans, and
  • to provide support for and/or management of instructional audio-visual and electronic resources.